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The solar streetlight is a type of lamppost which is
powered by solar power, it is equipped with solar panels that capture the
sunlight hanging during the day, which allows to generate electricity that is
stored in the batteries, then Restored at night for lighting.
lamppost thus becomes autonomous in energy.

In recent years, the development of renewable energies
has enabled public lighting to self-fuel. Solar streetlights incorporating
photovoltaic panels and hybrid lamps integrating solar panels have thus been
created. The lamp posts thus produce all the energy necessary for their
operation and do not require any more expensive electricity network


•energetic performance,

• Less light pollution if they are controlled by presence
and ambient light sensors

• Very homogeneous lighting,

• Very long service life.

• Maintenance is limited to changing the batteries every
2 to 10 years, depending on their type and the use of the batteries.

• All components can potentially be integrated into a
recycling process or even to re-usage.

• Secure urban spaces, increase traffic and decorate the
most prestigious spaces.

• Interest in all off-grid lighting needs

Principles and techniques:

The electric lighting is turned on and off by a control
unit: at nightfall, the light comes on automatically and turns off at dawn.
Some models are equipped with presence detectors to save battery power and turn
on only if necessary.

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